Welcome to Udar.com

Udar Service Group is a Team of Freelancers!

We are independent Freelancers, which means that you get:

  • Dedication You deal directly with a real person, who is actually working on your project, not a manager, coordinator, or customer service rep
  • Flexibility/Agility We can quickly adapt to meet your particular needs, without the restrictions of a corporate infrastructure
  • Low overhead You're not paying for office space, cubicles, secretaries, etc.

The Team part means that you get:

  • A broader range of skills than any one person can offer
  • In-depth expertise in multiple areas (our team includes college instructors, a best-selling author of computer books, and a CIW-certified web designer, among others)
  • Ability to handle projects that would overwhelm a solo worker
  • A one-stop-shop that can fulfill most (if not all) of your needs. You don't have to chop your project up into pieces, disperse it to separate freelancers with different specialties, and then deal with coordinating it all.