Web Design Services

We've been writing about the Web and about the software and technologies for creating web sites since the earliest days. A background in photography, graphic design, and desktop publishing technology (among other things) naturally led to an interest in the World Wide Web when it was still a relatively new, emerging technology.

That interest led to writing a book about the first version of Netscape Composer, a simple web page creation tool packaged with the Netscape Navigator browser. Since then, there have been several more books (mostly about Macromedia Dreamweaver, the leading professional web development tool) and numerous articles about web design. The articles have focused mainly on implementing good design with modern, standards-based technologies such as CSS.

But it's not all just writing about software and theoretical recommendations. We also practice what we preach by producing real web sites for real clients.

What we're not

We're not a big, high-profile web design firm doing major sites for large corporations. We don't have teams of designers, developers, database administrators, webmasters, and project managers that have to schedule coordination meetings to check the status of a project.

What we are

Instead, we're a small shop, and we prefer to work with small to medium-sized clients that value direct communication and our hands-on involvement with their project from start to finish. When the need arises, we can call on colleagues for advanced programming and other specialties, but our basic approach remains that of an individual artist/craftsman rather than a high-capacity web factory.

We may be small, but we adhere to the highest professional standards for our business ethics and for the quality of the web sites we produce. We're members of the International Webmasters Association/HTML Writers Guild. We support the goals of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), and WASP (Web Standards Project), and endeavor to adhere to their recommendations for developing accessible, standards-compliant web sites.