Web Strategy Consulting

A web site can make an artistic statement, be a superb example of technical efficiency, or support key business goals. The best web sites do all three!

When we develop web sites for our small business clients, we always try to learn about the client's business, educate them about appropriate and inappropriate uses of the web to support their business, and then use modern, standards-compliant development practices to produce a web site that is efficient, effective, and accessible.

Now, we're offering our services as a consultant to larger organizations that have their own in-house web development. We can help focus management expectations for a new or redesigned web site, and guide the development team through the transition from traditional web building techniques to the new approach to building standards-compliant sites. We can help you...

  • Integrate your web site into your overall business strategy and goals
  • Understand the business advantages of standards-compliant web development practices
  • Develop strategies for implementing best-practices in building a new web site or updating an existing site to comply with current standards

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.