About Udar Services, Inc.

Udar Services, Inc. is a small professional services company, built around the interests and skills of its principals, Mike O'Mara, Michael Meadhra, and Peggy O'Mara. It started as the freelance writing business in 1994, took the name Udar Services in 1999, and incorporated in 2001.

The name -- Udar -- comes from the Gaelic word for "author". It reflects the founder's Irish ancestry and activities as a technical writer and web author.

Udar Services is currently engaged in a range of different, but inter-related, activities.

Udar Services, Inc. is a "virtual company". We're located in Louisville, KY and have some valued local clients, but most of our projects are with clients in locations across the country. The magic of modern communications enables us to collaborate with writers, editors, programmers, and other specialists as needed to meet the needs of clients located across town or across multiple time zones.

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